How to Fix Noisy Water Pipes

If your water pipes are noisy, then you’ll be distracted from whatever you’re doing. Pipes are not supposed to be noisy so you’ll most likely try to find out where the sound is coming from. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to locate the source of such problems. But then again, there’s nothing that a good plumber can’t fix 

To know what’s causing your water pipe to emit a weird noise, try to hire some of the best plumbers Romford to help you out. The noise is most likely caused by a clog, but there are a lot of other factors to consider as well. Some of them are the following: 

  1. Water Hammer

Water hammer simply pertains to the big rush of water running through the pipe. The force and speed of the water may produce noise. This sound is usually heard when you’re closing or opening the faucet. This problem is usually solved by an air cushion in one of the pipesHowever, the air cushion may wear out in time.   

Tprevent water hammeringdrain your pipes of water before opening it up. Do this by shutting off the main valve. That way, when you put by the water, the air will be pushed towards the risers that serve as cushions.    

  1. Loose Pipes

If there are loose pipes in your home, then it is very likely the cause of the noise. Pipes get loose due to the large volumes of water forcing its way through the pipes. When pipes get lose, they sway and produce a rattling sound. 

Fix all loose pipes to solve this problem. To do that, make sure to drain all pipes, especially the ones the suspended ones. Try to look for the source of the sound so that it’s easier for you to pinpoint which pipe is causing the issue.   

  1. Worn Out Washers

Washers that are worn out usually cause whistling and squeaky sounds. You’ll find these worn out washers in valves and faucets. Try to listen to what happens when you close or open the valve or faucet. This problem is usually observed in the valves connecting to a washing machine. 

It’s fairly easy to fix a wornout washer. You simply have to replace them. The first step, of course, is to pinpoint where the problem is exactly. If you have time, you can ask the plumber to check all the washers in your valves and replace everything that is cracked or worn out so you won’t have to deal with a squeaky faucet at all.  

  1. Main ShutOff Valves 

If the washers in the faucets aren’t the culprit of the squealing noise, then it must be the main shut-off valve. These valves are installed so you can easily shut the water supply from your entire use or the one that goes through the pressure regulator. 

To fix a squealing main shut-off valve, it is best to call a plumber. Since this one connects to the main line, anything that goes wrong with it may cause either flooding or no water running in your entire home.  

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